Anders - the Sensation from Hölö's Fish Soup cooked in Cauldron over open fire


Recipe for 8 persons:


400g Fresh Salmon file

400g Fresh Cod file

1 pcs of Leek Onion

2 pcs of Yellow Onion

2 pcs of Carrots

200g Celery

8 table spoons of Virgin Olive oil

2 dl of Sweet Tokaji Wine (or similar)

4-5 table spoons of Happyspices Garlic Puree

6 dl of Low fat crème (15%)

4 table spoons of Tomato Puree

A bit of Single Malt Whiskey

Fish broth (make your own or use premade)

10 dl water

6 tablespoons of fresh Time spice

6 tablespoons of fresh Basilica spice

3-4 tablespoons of Sweet Paprika Flakes

A bit of Happyspices Hot Paprika Flakes (taste your way forward)

2 teaspoons Hot Paprika paste

1 kg Clams (Vongole or other)

400g Fresh or frozen Shrimps

200g Fresh or frozen Crawfish

and a bit of improvisation as you taste yourself through making the soup :)

Serve with home made saffran aioli and Hot Paprika flakes (each guest choose their own amount at serving)



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