Cafe Kör's Lecso

Hungarian Lecso cooked in Cauldron

If Vegetarian use olive oil or similar. The traditional is cooked with bacon and Meat Sausage. With or without Egg when serving.



We sear/toast smoked bacon (cut in small pices) in a cauldron. Then we put in the chopped onions in the Cauldron and cook it until is gold-brown. After this is done we put pealed tomatoes in the mix. We sprinkel it with a litle bit of salt and as with taste, very little sugar, garlic, and a hot paprika with sting in it. After, when it is thick enough we put green pepper in to the cauldron and steam it. In the end we put paprika spice, and smoked sausage int here and boil it all together for about 5 minutes.

When ready to serve, you can add eggs for thoose who want, while mix in a smaller cauldron on the side.


Ingredients for 6 portions:

200g smoked bacon

300g onions

1,2 kg green pepper (TV pepper)


0.8 kg tomatoes

Spices: salt, sugar, garlic, paprika spice

homemade sausage

6 eggs


Café Kör

1051 Budapest, Sas u. 17.
Tel: 311-0053

Café Kor has been around for the last 20 years and it’s an institution and “must do” when visiting Budapest, loved by the locals and the expats as well as visiting tourists. Book a table since you otherwise have to wait for a table at this Bistro style restaurant. Serving Traditional Hungarian and International menu. The service is welcoming, efficient and friendly and the owner works welcoming you every day. Check the table for daily specials and the wine list is good. Most dishes can get a salad with it or instead of potatoes if you prefer.


Always read the table with daily specials first which is what we pick up from most of the time. There you depending on season find traditional dishes like Chicken Paprikas, Toltott Paprika, different fozelek, different Paprika’s as stews, Goose leg with cabbage,  toltott kaposzta, layered potatoes, lecso and more. 


Check the table for daily dessert specials such as berries and ice cream or maybe apple cake or chestnut puree.



In the Menu which always is around you find Starters such as:

Smoked duck breast with ruccola, Beefsteak a la “Tatar”, Roasted goat cheese with fresh mixed salad. Goose liver Pate with cognac, Rucolla salad with Avocado, Beef Carpaccio, and Fresh mixed salad with hot turkey strips, Salmon salad with balsamic vinegar.

Otherwise you can choose Main courses classics from the menu such as:

“Wienershnitzel” Veal tenderloin “Viennese” with parsley potatoes and lettuce. Roast Goose liver with apples and cranberries potatoes.. Duck breast strips with honey, apple, and green salad pasta. Duck breast steak with tangerine sauce and fragrant rice. Roast chicken breast with fresh salad and potatoes. Roast chicken breast with apricots in hot caramel sauce spread with sesame seed and rice.

From the menu you can always choose classic desserts such as:

Somloi Galuska (sponge cake)

A pancake stuffed with nuts, raisins and comes with chocolate sauce and sugar powder.

Makos Guba (Poppy seed croissant in custard

Chesnutt puree with homemade sour cherries in rum

Ice-cream cup with forest fruit sauce made with liqueur

Mixed cheese plate with apples and nuts








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