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Cauldron |ˈkôldrən| (also caldron) - a large metal pot with a lid and handle, used for cooking over an open fire.
ORIGIN Middle English : from Anglo-Norman French caudron, based on Latin caldarium, calidarium ‘cooking pot,’ from calidus ‘hot.’ Cauldron is a true ancient way of cooking, becoming more popular all over the world again since food taste best when cooked in the Nature. This is also considered a  Central European cooking equipment and used by their ancestors. The Swedish and Nordic Vikings used a similar technique.The cauldron is a convex-bottom cookware made of Natural iron or in Black or Granit Enamel and used outdoors at an open fire. It’s name is different in different countries and regions and its often called Kettle, Cauldron or Iron pot. Cooking habits are also different all over the world. There are places where fish soup is the most famous, in other places stew. Its only your imagination which stops you since more or less anything can be cooked in them and for baking bread as well.

To prevent the food from getting burned, Install the cauldron at the appropriate height, rotate it often and adjust the fire. If you don’t build it yourself, use our Tripod stands which makes this easy. The higher the cauldron is placed, the more comfortable cooking will be, and the better the fire will burn. A true stew is made almost entirely without water, and the meat is simmered in its own juice.  
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