Garlic Purée 160g-700g


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What's inside:  
Crushed Garlic in a purée, salt.
E202 (potassium sorbate) is used to preserve, and E224 (potassium metabisulphite) is used when cleaning the garlic to preserve color, therefore low percentage is used. No artificial fragrances or colouring.
About this product:
100% Natural Garlic puree from Kalocsa, Hungary made with love.
As made from Heaven for anything in cooking and one of Happy Spices best sellers! We sell it to many great restaurants as chefs love the product for its taste and quick and easy way to use! Its a bit milder than if you crush your own Garlic. Only Fresh Garlic and a bit of salt ! Just add a spoon into any dish you cook and it will give same taste as raw garlic but milder (so you can kiss after!:-) and with a slight twist of salty marinade. No need to peel as a regular garlic! 
Great for cooking:
  • any dish for adding garlic flavour
  • all grill marinades 
  • seafood, fish
  • chicken, meat
  • soups, stews
  • Stroganoff 
  • Asian dishes 
  • pasta sauces 
  • garlic bread
Works great in combination with the following Happy Spices products:
  • Sweet or Spicy Paprika Flakes 
  • Any Paprika product from Happy Spices
Happy Spices recommends:    
For delicious seafood or shellfish grill marinade mix together Garlic Crème, Sweet Chilli Flakes, fresh lemon or lime juice, scampi or jumbo prawns. Grill as usual- here we go, an amazing seafood grill in Mediterranean style! Use a tea-spoon at the time and taste your way to a perfect blend.
Keep refrigerated after opening.
Best Before Date:
24 months
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