Granite Enamel Open-fire Cooking Pan for Tripod 42cm/5,5cm high


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About this product:
Granite Enamel Open-fire Cooking Pan for Tripod 42cm/5,5cm high. 
Since the pan is fairly large (42cm) and 5,5cm high it can be used for many different type of cooking and dishes. It can be heated from underneath with wood or a gas burner using a tripod and function as frying pan or friteuse. Great for fish and meat dishes as well as omelets and rice dishes.
Great to use for:
  • outdoor cooking
Size: 42 cm
Color: Granite enamel
Material: 1mm steel sheet
Made in Hungary
Works great in combination with the following Happy Spices products: 
  • tripod
  • firing dishes
Happy Spices recommends:  see recipies
Storage: dry




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