Sweet Ground Paprika in Metal Ornamental Box 100gr


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What's inside:  

100% Natural Sweet Paprika Powder. No preservatives, no artificial fragrances, no colouring. Comes in a Metal Box with the paprika in plastic bag inside.

About this product:

This sweet ground paprika is a wonderful combination of fragrances, tastes and aromas. Whether you choose  the sweet or spicy flavor, it has a captivating color which is highly concentrated, 100% natural coloring, which is characteristic of paprika from the countryside of Kalocsa, in Hungary. It is used as an ingredient in a wide variety of dishes around the world. It is prepared without any preservatives, artificial fragrances or coloring.


Check the color, experience the aroma of Hot Paprika! Mmmmm:-) 

Paprika is mainly used for seasoning and coloring for everything from stews and soups, (like goulash), for marinades, for grilling chicken, fish, steaks, or for making meatballs or Hummus. Its used in the preparation of sausages, mixed in with the meats and other Spices.

The sweet version provides a lovely coloring, taste and aroma.

Great for cooking:

  • stews
  • soups (goulash or any)
  • grill & marinades
  • chicken
  • fish
  • steaks
  • meatballs
  • on top of dips or hummus 
Works great in combination with the following Happy Spices products:
  • Garlic crème
  • Hot or Sweet Paprika Oil
  • Sweet or Hot Chilli Flakes

Happy Spices recommends:    

Be careful not to burn the paprika when cooking, which makes it taste bitter! Please check our recipes on www.happyspices.com/recipes

Store in a dry, dark place and keep out if direct sunlight.

Best before date: 24 months. We recommend using the paprika as fresh as possible since the taste and color will be better. It’s also possible to put the paprika in a dark container and store in the freeze box.
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