Goulash Hot Spice Mix in Despenser Box 70gr



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What's inside:  
100 % Natural ground Paprika, salt, spice mix. No strange preservatives, no artificial fragrances, no colouring, no compressing.
About this product:
Preparing your own goulash has never been easier, more tasty and fun!
This Goulash Soup Hot Spice Mix in Dispenser Box made without artificial preservatives or colourin, made only from naturally mixed paprika spice, salt and our special goulash spice mix!
Excellent for cooking everything from soups, stews, marinades, grilling, chicken, meat and steaks.
Perfect to add when creating your own signature grill spice! :-) 
This spicy goulash powder mix adds a nice colouring and taste and a nice spicy kick so add it slowly to get the right level of spiciness! 
Great for cooking:
  • soups
  • stews
  • grill marinades
  • chicken
  • meat 
Works great in combination with the following Happy Spices products:
  • Garlic Creme
  • Any Paprika product from Happy Spices!
As with any spice product please store the product dark and dry without direct sunlight since it will change the color and taste of the spices.

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